Insiders Terms of Service

This agreement (the “Agreement”) will be made between The Money Mix, LLC (“TMM” or “Program Manager”), and (YOU) (the “Member”) with regards to The Money Mix Insiders Program (the “Program”).

Terms of Service


The Member agrees to keep all information related to the Program confidential and agrees to not disclose in writing, verbally, or via any other form of written or other communication any part of the program with any 3rd party unless given permission to do so.


The Program Manager has sole and exclusive rights to negotiate and form a partnership, joint venture, or other agreement with brand partners while the Member is a part of the Program unless written permission is provided. Pre-existing relationships and negotiations that the Member has underway will be honored. The Program Manager will notify the Member via writing (whether it be via email, Slack, or other social channels) of the brands they are in negotiations with.


The Member agrees not to compete with the Program Manager by replicating any or part of the Program, while Member is in the program, and for a two year period afterward. This includes but is not limited to establishing, materially aiding, or helping to run a content syndication group or network, or by aggregating content from multiple sites.


The Member agrees that they will not utilize the Program Manager’s company’s clients, customers, contact lists, plans, or data for personal or commercial purposes upon leaving the Program.


By signing this agreement, the Member agrees to the following: i. If a brand that the Program Manager is working with reaches out to the Member directly, the Member must notify the Program Manager immediately and NOT enter into any outside contracts, agreements, or partnerships of any kind with Brands with which the Program works. ii. If the Program Manager is currently in negotiations or working with a brand, the Member may not approach the brand about a side deal without the Program Manager’s approval. iii. Once the Brand Manager and the Member sites start working with a brand, the Member cannot contact them directly. If the Member has questions, concerns, or needs more information, then the Member is to reach out to the Program Manager and the Program Manager will pass along the information requested. iv. The Member is expected to make a reasonable effort to support the group project and act in good faith. v. The Member shall not disclose information learned inside the group, such as our process for syndicating posts, the compensation received from network brands, or any information related to the processes we use to support each other to any 3rd party, including former Member sites. vi. The Member is expected to make a reasonable effort to join group projects. The Program Manager understands some brand products may be off-topic for some sites. However, The Program Manager can’t pitch brands if The Member is unwilling to participate. vii. The Member will make all reasonable efforts to stay up-to-date with announcements from The Program – generally announced in the Slack channel. It is the Member’s responsibility to be aware of brand partnerships, and expectations from The Program as announcements are made.


The Money Mix Insiders is a content syndication and distribution network to amplify member bloggers’ reach. The program is for bloggers looking to grow their sites, increase exposure, and boost domain authority (DA) so that they can turn their blog into a sustainable business.


We know that getting backlinks to your site is the best way to increase your DA and thus improve SERP rankings, and producing great content is key to growing and maintaining an engaged audience. The Insiders Program provides both. The Member will contribute guest posts to the Program Manager, which will be published on the Money Mix website as well as syndicated across the member sites based on the topic area. This means that your high-quality guest post (which can include 3 backlinks for a 2,000 word article) will be published across other Insider websites providing numerous backlinks and exposure opportunities to new audiences. The Member will need to syndicate guest posts on their site, providing their audience with high-quality content to keep them engaged, as well as giving other members valuable backlinks.


i. The Member will get at least 4 guest articles per year published on The Money Mix and syndicated by Insider member sites. ii. The Member will receive and syndicate guest posts weekly. These articles are high-quality and SEO optimized, helping the Member publish great content more regularly. iii. The Member will receive exclusive access to a private Slack group and receive mentoring and advice to help them grow their blog, audience, and revenue.


i. The Member will syndicate 1 guest post from other Insider members per week. Each syndication must include a canonical URL. ii. The Member will write 4 high-quality guest posts per year to be featured on The Money Mix and then syndicated to other Insider’s websites. iii. The Member is expected to write and publish original content on their site regularly. No less than one original article per week, although 3 is a good target. iv. The Program Manager reserves the right to remove the Member from the Insiders program at any time. v. The Program Manager will make every effort to work with the Member to ensure they are given an opportunity to participate fully in the program.


The Agreement gives the Program Manager the right to syndicate any content published on The Member’s site as long as the Program Manager provides proper attribution and uses a canonical URL.


To participate in the Insiders Program, you can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The monthly subscription price is $180. The quarterly is $500.The annual subscription price represents a 20% discount and is $1,700. There is a MINIMUM commitment of three (3) months to participate in the program and to start to see results.


Upon receipt of the signed contract, the Program Manager will send the Member an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt and can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. The invoice will establish automatic payments and will continue until the Member terminates their participation in the Program.