For All Members (Trial & Paid)

Guest Posts on Wealth of Geeks

Trial and paid members receive one post per quarter on Wealth of Geeks (WoG) and can insert 3 backlinks to your site in your article. These posts are also syndicated to and available to additional syndication partners, garnering more high DA-backlinks and providing you with quality bylines to add to your portfolio or “As Seen On” roll.

Syndication Team

Your post on WoG will be syndicated across one syndication team, helping you receive valuable exposure to the audiences of your fellow teammates as well as 40+ backlinks to your site. 

As your teammates boost your site, you will likewise boost theirs as you syndicate their content. As a part of this team, you can access high-quality, SEO’ed articles for your site. These articles are perfect for social media, web stories, or internal linking opportunities on your own site.

The Process

We will train you to follow a proven successful process for writing high-quality, authoritative content that ranks. The process we recommend has resulted in significant growth for our members' websites.


For Paid Insiders

Additional Syndication Teams

When you become a paying member, you can write for our other affiliated sites. We have sites in the travel, parenting, and entertainment niches.

Guest Post Library (GPL)

With the Guest Post Library, you can grab some already/mostly written content that you can use for guest posting. Plus, if you have some content lying around collecting dust, you can offer that content for inclusion in the library with one backlink permitted back to your site.

Associated Press (AP)

Additional Cost

We have to ability to syndicate articles from WoG to the Associated Press network of news websites (5,000+ sites) across the U.S. just like NerdWallet, The Hollywood Report, and other huge sites do. It’s an efficient backlink-building machine, can establish you as a national writer in your space, give you a big-time byline that will fill out your Muck Ruck profile and have brands reaching out to you! 

Link Dude

Additional Cost

Choose 1 post (URL) and get 20 backlinks built to that post each month. Our Link Dude will write a legit response in forums that include a natural link to your site, following best SEO practices.

Media Decision (MD)

Additional Cost or Platinum Membership Required

Media Decision is a news site we launched specifically to access the TownNews Content exchange, a news network similar to AP (Associated Press). Media Decision articles will be very similar to AP, therefore, your guest posts must be “newsy.” 

Platinum members receive one post per month on Media Decision, or you can purchase individual credits. Your posts on MD could get syndicated hundreds of times, earning you thousands of dollars a year of backlinks, just like the Associated Press.


For Platinum Members

Media Decision (MD)

Platinum members receive one post per month on Media Decision. We will also provide syndication to SWNS, which feeds killer sites such as The SUN and its European affiliates, exclusively to platinum members.

MSN Feed

Conditions Apply

Get a direct feed to from your website and choose what content gets pushed to its 350 million monthly users.

We know from experience that Insiders earn more money and receive more traffic from MSN than brands that work with MSN directly. Insiders have a proprietary plugin that allows our members to earn 60% more revenue from MSN, with the added benefit of hands-on tech support and up-to-date training resources.

The Content Agency (TCA)

Additional Cost

The Content Agency produces content that performs well on MSN. You can hire TCA to supply you with amazing done-for-you trending topics articles and slideshows.